Hebrew Bible


Learn Hebrew  v.1.0

Top 400 Vocabulary Words of the Hebrew Bible!24 Lessons that each teach approximately 15 new Vocabulary words each (i.e. the most commonly used 400 words in the Bible).

J.L.A. Thenach Search and Research  v.3 3

The Thenach is the Jewish name for 'the Old Testament'. So with the J.L.A. Thenach Program one has the Jewish Bible in Hebrew at his disposal.


BibleMax Russian Synodal Text Bible  v.1.0

Russian is a Slavic language spoken mainly in Russia and other former USSR countries. This BibleMax module features a version of the Bible in Russian.

Daily Bible  v.

RSS feed of Bible resources inlcuding Commentaries, Study Resources, Gospels,

ISA - YLT module  v.2 1

The objective of Scripture4all (read 'Scripture for all') is to make the original Scriptures accessible for a broad public by developing tools to bridge the gap between the original Bible texts and Bible translations.

ISA NL module  v.1. 2. 2002

The Interlinear Scripture Analyzer's NL module is the Dutch version of the ISA Bible software. The content of the module is the Statenvertaling, which stands for State Translation.

Interlinear Scripture Analyzer basic  v.2. 1. 2005

ISA (Interlinear Scripture Analyzer) is an Interlinear Bible and Concordance Search tool. Etymological and idiomatic sublinears are closing the gap between translations and the original Bible text.

ISA 2 - CLV module  v.1 2

ISA (Interlinear Scripture Analyzer) is an Interlinear Bible and Concordance Search tool. ISA 2 - CLV module is actually the concordant version of the old testament books included within the CLV Database.

Hebrew En Bible  v.

Have access to the original text of the Chumash on your phone, with cantillation marks and the english translation under every passuk. - Select book and chapter - Choose your font size - Portrait or landscape mode - Background color follows your

Bible Explorer Limited Edition  v.

Bible Explorer Limited Edition 4.1 is a tool that helps to find the exact paragraphs, illustrations, and Biblical language notes. The software has a mouse over magic feature.

Bible Explorer Premium  v.4.0

Program Features Mouse over Magic - You're going to love this. In Bible Explorer, whenever your cursor is over a Scripture reference (whether in the text of a book or an index), the entire verse or passage will pop up for you to see.

Advanced Bible Decoder Pro  v.1.0.8

ABD bible code software provides best tools and quality matrices results for bible code research. Download Advanced Bible Decoder Pro today! Powerful bilingual English-Hebrew dictionary,

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